Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Clean Closet

Today, I am grateful for a CLEAN closet! (and room.) I kid you not, this is my hardest thing to keep clean. I struggle to hang up my clothes. This picture below is truth to that statement. Truth: All of these clothes were on the FLOOR in my room. Every single one of them. Oh saddness. 

This is me thinking: Crap. Why do I let it go this long?

So, I took it upon myself to build me some shelves from some wood we had laying around. This will help me gain more room for storage right?

Heels on top, pants folded below. 

I am also thankful for cute heels. :)

Then, I hung up all of my clothes and hung them up according to color! White, black, brown, gray, purple, pink, red.. etc. 

I got rid of a ton of my shoes because they all had holes in them and were totally worn out. Why was I even keeping them around? Here are the shoes I have left organized. 

And I also cleaned out my drawers, I realized, holy crap, this is where all of my socks have been! I found like 20 pairs that were just unpaired up and laying in my drawers. YAY! I have socks!

So now, I can wake up to a clean room and an organized closet, which is something I am grateful for today. 

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Jess and Jen said...

Way to go on making your shelves. Hmm...maybe I should go clean my room! -Jen