Friday, March 4, 2011


Today, I am grateful for sunshine. I woke up to a bright shining sun, and that automatically helped me believe it was going to be a good day. Isn't it amazing what a little sun can do to make us feel better? 

I opened up my blinds and saw the sun shining through my living room. 

It was glorious.

I found this picture on google images. I typed in 'blue skies and sunshine' and this was the first picture to pop up. It's gorgeous! I can't wait for spring so I can start to plant my flowers and see them bloom- and then I can wake up to sunshine almost every day! I'm ready for it to warm up. 

Sunshine often brings sunburns, which most people aren't fond of, but I don't mind them. Yea, they hurt, but they turn into a tan and always clear my skin up, and keep me warm. But, I do wear sunscreen so I don't get cancer.  
(kev and I in moab after a long day in the sun.)

I had a little sunburn here! this is us after attending the temple

this is me on our honeymoon. I got this sunburn just from standing in line at knotts berry farm. I was wearing one of those shade cap sleeve shirts. Haha! 

Plus, sunshine means more options and things to do outside. Like hiking in Arches National Park! (Kev and I)

Swimming and playing with frogs!

Scooter rides down to the lake

Beautiful sunsets (newport beach 2008)

and dancing at the beach in the warm weather...
So today, I am grateful for sunshine. Can't wait to have more of it as the season changes... 
What are you grateful for today?


PaigeE said...

Hair cuts! My hair is grateful too. And I can't go a day without being grateful for my Maddie Cakes. When it's gloomy outside he is my sunshine. (cheese ball)

Jess and Jen said...

I've been loving the sunshine too! We've gone to the park twice this week. The park makes the kids happy and happy kids makes me happy! -Jen

The Dayleys said...

I'm SO grateful for sunshine!! What a blessing it's been this week!! I can't wait for Spring and Summer too!!

Team Clark said...

I love what you've written on your new blog so far. I hope it's helping you feel better.
Great pics!
And let's I am grateful for...Adam!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Don't move to Ohio or Alaska. I'm grateful for sunshine too and even more now that I've lived somewhere that doesn't have a lot of that.